The 122nd China Import and Export Fair

Time:2017-09-27 Click:4479

Phase 1:

Building and Decorative Materials             10.2C33-34,10.2D13-14
Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment          11.1D35-36,11.1E12-13
Household Electrical Appliances               2.2D31-32,2.2E17-19,2.2I23-30,2.2M17-18
Lighting Equipment                              13.2E23-25,13.2F22-24
Vehicle Spare Parts                               6.1E03-04
Lighting Equipment                              12.2H25
Electronic and Electrical Products           11.3M17

Phase 2:
Personal Care Products                         15.2D31-32,15.2E12-13
Toiletries                                            16.2G10-11,16.2G38
Home Decorations                               10.3A31-40
Household Items                                 16.4H10

Phase 3:
Sports,Travel and Recreation Products   4.2I32-34
Shoes                                               10.1H34-35,10.1I13-14
Men and Women's Clothes                   3.1G31-32,3.1H17-18,4.1M33-34,4.1N11-12
Underwear                                         6.1H35-36,6.1I13-14